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Enhance Your Education, Broaden Your Network, and Launch Your Career

  • Events — Network, learn and interact with public relations students from around the country at PRSSA events like National ConferenceNational Assembly, Leadership Rally and Regional Conferences.

  • Leadership — Add to your résumé and gain valuable leadership skills by running for office in your Chapter, Student-run Firm or the PRSSA National Committee.

  • Social Media — Start discussions and connect with PRSSA members from all over by plugging in to PRSSA social media. Use our hashtag to follow the conversation: #PRSSA.

  • PRSA Job Center — Browse career resources and search for public relations employment opportunities all over the world with PRSA Job Center.

  • PRSSA Internship Center — Get job-hunting tips, upload your résumé and find the most recent internship opportunities through the PRSSA Internship Center.

  • PRSA New Professionals Section — The PRSA New Professional Section is a great way to connect with other public relations and communications professionals who have been in the industry for less than five years, allowing you to communicate the unique struggles new pros face as well as gain knowledge and insight through webinars, mentoring and more benefits that PRSA offers.

  • Certificate in Principles of Public Relations Stand out from the competition by becoming certified in the principles of public relations; an accreditation employers are always impressed to see.

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Active Members

In order to be considered an active member of PRSSA you must do the following:

  • Pay yearly dues

  • Attend weekly meetings and on-campus events

  • Participate in committee groups

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